A greener planet

Today’s clothing and apparel sector does not prioritize the environment we all share. Collectively, our industry can do better without compromise. By working exclusively with only natural or virgin material, employing green development practices, and applying calculated use of trims and packaging, SoL made environmental sustainability a core brand proposition from day one. We have stubbornly adopted this principle without sacrificing the aesthetic or feel of our products.

SoL is deeply committed to sourcing environmentally conscious materials and engaging suppliers to trace all levels of the supply chain so we can confidently stand behind our brand and our collection. SoL is a proud member of the CanopyStyleinitiative to help drive positive change for our forest-based products and ensure they come from sustainably managed forests. This includes the procurement of fabrics, pulp, paper and packaging. 

This green effort is meant to minimize what SoL takes and maximize what SoL gives back - even in the smallest ways possible. We have expanded our scope as an environmental steward and are committing to directly contribute 5% of the proceeds from this website to Canopy - a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to preserving ancient and endangered forests and ecosystems and protecting the habitat of endangered species.