A greener website

Just because we are a direct-to-consumer brand without a physical storefront does not mean we don't have a responsibility to reduce our "storefront carbon footprint". This website is our sleepwear haven and we endeavor to keep it green and clean.

We aim to offset the energy consumed by our sales chain with small-but-meaningful steps to ensure that our website is as low-impact and eco-conscious as possible.

Our website:

  •  does not load video before they are actively requested by you
  •  high but not the highest resolution images
  •  stores data locally on your device to minimize data transfer
  •  compresses all data as much as possible with no visible loss of quality ·
  •  loads only the most critical programming scripts, frameworks and cookies
  •  limits the amount of light emitted by your screen
  • optimizes fonts and minimizes font variations (we only use one font for our whole website!)
  • minimizes power consumption on your device