About Our Fabrics

After much research, we have elected to use Lenzing™ Ecovero™ - the responsible viscose option with the lowest environmental impact in the industry.  

What’s so amazing about Ecovero™?
  • is produced using wood pulp that is derived from responsibly managed forests
  • supports an ecological production that recovers and reuses nearly all chemicals during a chlorine-free pulp-bleaching process
  • leads to less impact on the environment and on human health
  • is more energy, chemical and water-efficient compared to monoculture forest bamboo and eucalyptus - commonly used in conventional viscose production
  • is compostable and biodegradable in marine environment  

Thanks to Lenzing’s closed loop production, by-product chemicals such as carbon disulfide and hydrogen sulfide are not released into the environment but are recovered, converted and returned to the production process to be used as raw materials.   

Using Ecovero™ in our SoL essentials gives them the luxury of silk and comfort of fine cotton without the ethical or environmental compromise of traditional yarns such as generic viscose, bamboo and regular cotton.    

The ultra-soft, smooth, lightweight, breathable, thermoregulating and static-free material drapes well and retains color brilliantly, perfect for SelfWear. 

Read more about the benefits of Lenzing™ Ecovero™ here