Giving Back

Self-care for us goes hand-in-hand with planet and people care. 

The mission of Canopy - a non-profit environmental organization dear to our heart and dedicated to protecting forests, species and climate - resonates deeply with us so we have elected to collaborate with them in our efforts. With our SoL essentials fabric sourced directly from wood pulp from sustainably managed forests, there was no better choice. 

Read more about our environmental sustainability efforts here.

For our HK-based pop-ups, we also partner with ImpactHK - a charity tackling the problem of homelessness in Hong Kong - to ensure that the underprivileged and marginalized in society are also able to get a decent night’s rest.

5% of all proceeds will be directed towards funding areas of need in these organizations.

Through these small but meaningful contributions, SoL can serve as a force of good in a world of instability and uncertainty for many.