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SoL the label was founded in 2020, by Lois Tien, with a mission to deliver high-quality, ultra-comfortable sleepwear and loungewear that aim to reduce their toll on the planet's resources and a vision to address the universal need for self-care through SelfWear™

SoL - pronounced "soul" - is an advocate of sleep and self-care. We create beautiful pieces for the home that are not only modern and versatile but feel like second skin - reminding women to take a break from the fast pace rat race of today's world and to prioritise their health and wellbeing.

We believe that a well-rested you is the best you and we invite you to take a step back, unwind and experience the comfort of SoL.


Sleep Dress
Sleep Dress

champions of sleep

The world is sleeping an average of 6.5 hours a night while recent research shows that most adults need between 7.5-8.5 hours to perform at peak potential.

We spend a third of our lives sleeping so it only makes sense that we should prioritize personal comfort and quality in the bedroom.

The journey for thoughtfully crafted homewear begins here. SoL aims to satisfy the need between traditional PJ sets and lingerie-inspired labels, offering modern sleepwear for women that rests them at night and rejuvenates them in the morning.

Sustainable Clothing
Sustainable Clothing

our philosophy

We believe…

downtime is underrated and homewear undervalued

great sleep, no matter how much or little, includes quality sleepwear

what you put closest to your skin should feel like second skin

dressing comfortably for yourself is as important as dressing to impress

minimizing waste for the planet is crucial to our own sustainability

good rest is not a luxury - it is essential

a well-rested you is the best you

Lois Tien
Lois Tien

about the founder

An industry vet who has worked for both high-street and luxury brands, Lois has seen first-hand the excess supply that is created to meet a demand that is, in reality, rarely accurate. Each year, fashion brands discard tons of unworn clothing from retail stores and outlets straight into landfills. The realization of this industry pain point became her turning point.  

She created SoL not to be just another fashion brand but rather a curated label focused on timeless and evergreen homewear with self-care and sustainability at its core.