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A message from Lois, our founder:

I realized a few years ago that while I had a knack for accumulating dress-to-impress “outside” clothes, I thought very little about homewear and what felt truly comfortable. That, for me, is the clothes I get into when I switch off from the day and put my mind to rest and rejuvenate. We spend a third of our lives sleeping so it only makes sense that we should prioritize personal comfort and quality in the bedroom. One quick look at my homewear drawer and that’s when I knew I needed a change.

This led to my pursuit in finding a homewear set that offered both self-comfort and style – a futile quest that eventually led me to launching my own homewear brand in a mission to create equally beautiful “inside” clothes.

At the same time, people around the world are discovering and appreciating the critical role that sleep, rest and recovery play in both mental and physical wellness. We are a homewear brand for women that encourages them to voice out their needs and desires and to put themselves first, because self-love is not selfish – it is actually the greatest act of love for others. 

SoL was launched in Hong Kong in 2020 during a time when home wear became more meaningful and prevalent than ever. We invite you to take a step back, unwind and experience the comfort of SoL.

"Be more conscious about the ritual of sleep - it is ultimately what sustains us, much like breathing."

SelfWear Founder, Homebody | Leisurer | Traveler

champions of sleep

The world is sleeping an average of 6.5 hours a night while recent research shows that most adults need between 7.5-8.5 hours to perform at peak potential. Particularly for those who exercise, sleep is critical in aiding in cellular recovery, avoiding injury and increasing performance. 

The world is becoming more active and if sleep enhances the hours that we are awake, it seems only natural to be putting more thoughtful consideration into all the elements of sleep. The journey for thoughtfully crafted sleepwear begins here. SoL aims to satisfy the need between traditional sets and lingerie-inspired labels, offering modern homewear for women that makes them look forward to going to bed at night and excited to get up in the morning. 

our philosophy

We believe…

downtime is underrated and homewear undervalued

great sleep, no matter how much or little, includes quality sleepwear

what you put closest to your skin should feel like second skin

dressing comfortably for yourself is equally as important as dressing to impress

minimizing waste for the planet is crucial to our own sustainability

good rest is not a luxury, it is essential

a well-rested you results in the best you

about the founder

An industry vet, Lois has seen first-hand the excess supply that is created to meet a demand that is, in reality, rarely accurate. Each year, both high-end and mass market fashion brands discard tons of unworn clothing from retail stores, outlets and even donation points straight into landfills. The realization of this industry pain point became Lois’ turning point.  

She didn’t want to create just another fashion brand but rather a label focused on timeless and everlasting home wear. It became clear that one of the few clothing categories that is not subject to fashion seasons and trends is the home wear category – where the key value points are comfort, quality and durability.