SoL searching

I realized a few years ago that whilst I had a knack for accumulating “outside” clothes - think clothes to impress, single-wear cocktail dresses, trying-a-new-look outfits - I thought very little about the clothes I spend more than a third of the day wearing. This led to a pursuit to invest in my own self-comfort while at home, a futile quest to find comfortable, good-looking homewear, and eventually launched me on my mission to create timeless and comfortable clothes for the home because after all, home is where the SoL is.

We spend more than a third of our lives sleeping (or we should anyways!) – so why wouldn’t we invest in something better? 

SoL – a label that fills the void between casual terry sets, traditional pyjamas and lingerie-inspired sleepwear – is a new category called SelfWear that embraces the synergies of self-care and planet care.


SoL is an invitation to take a step back, unwind and relax but also a call to action – because we believe you do your best work when you’re feeling your best you.

Lois x - sleep well, be well, live well