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Hong Kong, August 2020 - Contemporary SelfWear™ label SoL is launching its first crowdfunding campaign, which will run for 21 days from 5 August to 25 August. The campaign hopes to raise awareness about the importance of self-care and more importantly to bring like-minded people that share the same passion for SelfWear™, a new category of downtime apparel coined by the brand, into the SoL community and on its journey. A Kickstarter Rewards program has been set up and the Kickstarter community will have direct influence on how the brand and products evolve via updates and Q&As.

SoL was established in 2020 when founder Lois Tien decided to realign her priorities in order to engage with more centred, conscious living. Realising that while her closet was full of pieces meant to impress others, less attention was paid to pieces she spent her downtime in. Deciding to put precedence on personal comfort, Tien has taken it upon herself to create pieces that marry comfort, quality, style and ethical production. 

SelfWear™ is both a category and a state of mind that places the wearer first. It embraces the idea that rest and wellbeing should be put before all else and mindful living can translate to second-skin products created from organic or natural fibres that have minimal impact on the ecosystem. SelfWear™ is conscious of its footprint and ensures that its fibres are either biodegradable or given a second life.

Defined by three pillars – sleep well, be well, live well – SoL is an advocate of sleep and self-care, focusing on creating pieces that are not only modern and versatile but feel like second skin in order to remind women to take a break from the fast pace of the rat race and to prioritise health and wellbeing. Not only does the label believe that comfortable pieces made with eco-responsible viscose that feel like a perfect, breathable blend of cotton and silk, play a role in facilitating good rest but that aesthetically beautiful, quality SelfWear™ designed to not get in the way of sleep, can bring out the best in every woman. 

Opting out of the traditional fashion cycle, SoL’s first collection will contain eight styles, known as the SoL Essentials. Designed to be minimal and timeless, the styles include: a button-down shirt, oversized tee, cami, shorts, wide leg pants, tapered loungers, a robe, a tank dress and two accessories to complete the night care routine – an eye mask and a headband. Additionals to the Essentials will be introduced based on popularity and customer reception, opting for slow growth rather than mindless seasonal creation.

SoL believes that a key aspect to sustainable consumption is circularity. SoL uses Ecovero™, a responsible alternative to viscose with the lowest environmental impact in the industry. Dubbed “eco-friendly” silk, Ecovero™ offers supply chain transparency while also decreasing emissions and water impact in production by 50%. This durable yet breathable fabric is biodegradable in landfill over time. Every piece in the collection is machine washable at 30 degrees and packaged in eco-friendly plant-based bags that can be composted at home after use. 

A firm believer in bringing out the best version of a woman, SoL has partnered with two non-profit organisations, Canopy and ImpactHK, to ensure that every purchase creates a positive impact. In addition, SoL will be establishing a cash back program that allows wearers to send garments worn at least 100 times back to the brand, which they will in turn send to a designated recycling centre on the wearer’s behalf in order to give every garment a second life.

SoL x Kickstarter launches on August 5, 2020 at 9am 


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