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Sleep Cami


Designed by women for women, SelfWear™ is thoughtfully created for functionality, mindfulness and self-sustainability. It prioritizes good rest and great sleep as fundamental needs, encouraging downtime because we believe that is the best form of self-care. 

SelfWear embraces the slow fashion movement of achieving consumption equilibrium and de-emphasizes short-lived distractions with a timeless elegance that transcends trends. 

We spend more than a third of our lives sleeping (or we should anyways!) – so why wouldn’t we invest in something better?

Sleep Set

the SelfWear muse

Our muse is many things. She is a modern renaissance woman – a digital nomad, a homebody, a conscious consumer, a sleep enthusiast, an adventurer, a mother, a sister, a dear friend.

She indulges in self-care because she knows that to be good to others, she must first be good to herself. She values brand transparency, appreciates minimal versatility and understated luxury, believes in ethical consumption and expects a commitment to sustainability from brands she trusts.

She is you.

"The act of buying something just for your own enjoyment, even if it is "just" a pair of pajamas, is a strong statement that your own wants and needs are important, and that you will carve out the time to look after them."

South China Morning Post

Our brand pillars


Our designs are sleepwear sanctuaries. We want you to feel cocooned in second-skin comfort while you focus on you – nothing should get in the way of your self-care routine. This is why we carefully consider every detail, fit, label and trim that goes on our products in order to make sure our clothes move with you and not the other way around.


SelfWear is a call to eco-consciousness in everything that we do, big and small. Every element in our collection is deliberately designed and purposefully produced. SoL stands for conscious consumerism, responsible retail, and accountable stewardship of our possessions, our lives, and our planet.


Awaken your self-care journey starting with the rituals of sleep. SelfWear is optimized to maximize your positive energy and caters to your self-care indulgence, anytime and anywhere. We practice loving ourselves through abundant rejuvenation and believe that a well-rested you is the best you. 

our sustainability goals

SelfWear is sustainable in every sense of the word - timeless in design, biodegradable in form and made to endure many wears.

We are all a part of this earth which naturally creates synergies between our own self-care and planet-care. At SoL, we opt to meaningfully minimize the use of excess or decorative trims that might have otherwise headed straight for the bin upon your first wear. Relevant information such as size, composition and care will be placed on a garment label but you won't find extra hangtags or retail stickers with your garments.

[Launching in 2025] For every item you purchase from us, we ask that you pledge to wear it at least 100 times before letting it go. Drop us an email to let us know you’re ready to move on from your item. We will send you a free return shipping label and credit voucher to use towards your next purchase. After receiving your well-worn item, we send it to a designated recycling center where those garments will be given second life in seasons to come.

We at SoL are on a mission to raise awareness about planet sustainability and self-sustainability. Be good to the earth and it will be good back to you.