Sojourn: the SOL journal no.4

SOL blog on Galentine’s Day: a day dedicated to celebrating women who celebrate women


Happy Galentine’s Day, our SOL sisters. 

For those who are wondering, the holiday - coined by Leslie Knope from the Parks & Rec show - was created as a day of “ladies celebrating ladies.” Not so much a “Women are great and strong and don’t need men” but more of a “Let’s celebrate a different type of love - the love of friendship among women” type of holiday. It’s simple, to the point, yet so underrated. On Galentine’s Day, we spoil each other, commiserate with each other, celebrate each other and love on each other. 

SOL launched in 2020 as a sustainable clothing label that aimed to elevate the loungewear category with a heavy focus on pure and natural fibers and a mandate of conscious creation and responsible production. All has been well and good but the reality is that our needs have evolved in the last few years with the life changes we’ve personally and collectively experienced. 

Now, we can confidently say that SOL is created by women and by moms - for women and for moms - who want more mileage out of their wardrobes. Women, as individuals who wear many hats, who have learned over time to do more with less. Women, as individuals who always put the needs of others first, who deserve a moment to slip into ultra-soft loungewear and enjoy a quiet glass of wine. Women, as individuals who go from school pick-up to the gym to cooking dinner, who need versatile, functional and comfortable outfits to take them from day to night. Easy to wash and maintain is also a no-brainer. 

Whatever it is that you’re doing, we want to meet you where you are. 

So here’s a toast to you and all the meaningful but seemingly trivial things that you do, but that make your world and the worlds of those around you go round and round and round. 

Have a great day celebrating you and the women around you! 

rest well, be well, live well
Lois x


Here are 3 of our favourite do-everything-in outfits:

Model in Flowy Lounge Top and Tapered Lounge Pants

Flowy Lounge Top and Tapered Lounge Pants

Think: coffee runs, dog walks, fresh out of the shower, improv dance party while the kids are at school 

Mannequin in Oceanus Dress with Contrast Stitching

Oceanus: Dress with Contrast Stitching (A special collab with Fashion Clinic)

Think: hosting brunches at home, having brunches out, beach dress, travel-friendly dress

Model wearing Knit Easy Dress

Knit Easy Dress

Think: school pick up, work from home, work from coworking space, lunch, happy hours, weekend soirees 



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