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rest well, be well, live well

SOL the label was founded in 2020 by Lois Tien, with a mission to create high-quality, ultra-comfortable sleepwear and loungewear that allows us to enjoy our downtime through a more meaningful wardrobe – while minimising the toll on the planet's resources.

The vision? To help satisfy the universal need for self-care through the concept of SelfWear™: stylish homewear that allows us to live our best lives with comfort and confidence. 

SOL – pronounced ‘soul’ – champions better sleep, the benefits of rest and conscious living. The brand designs beautiful pieces for wearing at home and beyond that are modern and versatile, while feeling like second skin. Comfortable, light-as-air pieces remind women to take a break from the fast pace of today's world, enjoy a moment of peaceful bliss and prioritise their wellbeing. We are advocates for sleep and self-care, because we believe a well-rested you is the best you. 

We invite you to take a step back, unwind and experience the comfort of SOL.

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Our philosophy

We believe...

Downtime is underrated and homewear is undervalued.

Quality sleepwear contributes to great sleep.

What you put closest to your skin should feel like a second skin.

Dressing comfortably for yourself is as important as dressing to impress.

Minimising waste for the planet is crucial to our own sustainability.

Good rest is not a luxury – it is essential.

A well-rested you is the best you.

About our founder

Lois Tien has lived and breathed fashion her whole life. Her family is behind one of Asia’s most recognised names for workwear, so it was a natural step for her to pursue a career in the industry, building her experience with high street and luxury brands in Asia and the US.

 What never seemed natural to her was witnessing first-hand the excess supply created by the fashion industry. Each year, tonnes of unworn clothing from retail stores and outlets go straight into landfill – and much of this includes synthetics such as polyester that aren’t biodegradable and even become marine pollutants, releasing microplastics into the environment that threaten the wellbeing of ecosystems. This pain point sparked the idea for SOL: beautiful loungewear that redefines what sustainable clothing means, and a way for her to make a difference in the field – as both a lover of fashion and an industry insider.

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Models in the Modern Sleep Shirt and Wide Leg Lounge Pants Set

“SOL is about celebrating self-care – and highlighting what an important role it plays in our personal wellbeing”

It was also an opportunity to infuse her work and life goals with the values that were becoming more important than ever: good rest, self-care and treading more lightly on this earth.

She created SOL not to be just another fashion label following a seasonal calendar with constant product pushes, but to build a wellbeing brand focused on timeless homewear with sustainability and self-nourishment at its core. Sharing wisdom on how to live better while consuming and wasting less, alongside knowledge about sustainability, are all part of SOL’s call for more conscious living.


“We help women rest better so they can do what they love more, giving them confidence and comfort along the way through beautiful, high-quality loungewear”

- Lois on the mission of SOL

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