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welcome to SoL

SoL is a new brand of sustainable sleepwear that inspires you to discover the best version of yourself in body, mind and soul through what we call SelfWear™ – a new category of apparel that puts you first. It is the embodiment of conscious living that is defined by three pillars: sleep well, be well, live well.

Born in Hong Kong but created for women worldwide, SoL is a call to action to reprioritize wellness and our personal self-sustainability – starting with good rest and great sleep. In a culture that increasingly emphasizes health and self-optimization, there is no better time than now to embrace a truly modern sleepwear brand. 

SoL offers elevated sleepwear sets that fill the void between lingerie-inspired sleepwear, casual terry pajama sets and traditional pajama brands. Our sleepwear brand encourages you to embrace self-care with second-skin garments of the highest-quality natural fibers. Our contemporary pajamas sets are tailored essentials that draw you into your most comfortable oasis and soothe you to revival.

SoL is not simply an indulgence in pajamas and sleepwear, it is an investment by women for women.

It is an investment in yourself.

we are SelfWear

As a womens' sleepwear brand that prioritizes wellness and strength through rest and rejuvenation, SoL pledges to offer your body a sleepwear sanctuary that enables your best snooze so you can wake up every morning well-rested and empowered.

In an ideal world, we would all be getting sufficient rest, sleep and peace of mind every night. The reality is that our lives are more complex than ever and we are getting less essential rejuvenation through rest, sleep, and clam. Instead, we are often pressured to do more but left feeling as though we accomplished less, all while sacrificing our wellbeing in the process.

Through our curated collection of sustainable sleepwear and apparel, SoL aims to spark your self-care consciousness starting with the rituals of sleep.


behind the brand

Frustrated by the limitation of choice in affordable, natural and beautiful sleepwear that didn’t scream “pajamas party!”, founder Lois endeavoured to create a brand of elevated essential sleepwear that aligned with her own values of conscious consumption and environmental sustainability. 

Having worked in fashion for over 10 years, Lois saw first-hand the excess supply of clothing that is created only to be discarded into landfills. The realization of this industry pain point became Lois' turning point.  As someone who was part of facilitating the problem for a long time, she is now committed to crafting her own SoL-ution.