Did you know it is possible to lower your carbon footprint online? Learn more about our efforts to practice digital sustainability through a low-carbon website.

Just because we’re an online store and don’t have a permanent physical storefront (yet) does not mean we can’t do our part in reducing our carbon footprint and keeping our shop green and clean.

Internet pollution is real, and we are conscious that the more energy a website takes to load, the greater its climate impact. Here are some small but meaningful steps we are taking to minimise data consumption and ensure that our website is as low-impact and eco-conscious as possible.

Our website: 
  • does not load video before it is actively requested by you
  • uses images at a resolution that allows to see our products clearly and beautifully, without using up excess data to load them
  • stores data locally on your device to minimise data transfer
  • compresses all data as much as possible (without compromising quality)
  • loads only the most critical programming scripts, frameworks and cookies
  • limits the amount of light emitted by your screen
  • optimises fonts and minimises font variations – did you know that even fonts require the use of resources and impact energy consumption?
  •  minimises power consumption on your device

We are continually working to find ways to make our website more energy efficient without sacrificing customer experience and useability. If you are passionate about green tech and would like to share your thoughts on how we can do better, please reach out to us at!

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Striving for sustainability

Learn more about our commitment to continually evolve as a sustainable brand - from our choice of environmentally-friendly fabrics, our packaging to our values that champion low waste, conscious creation and more mindful decisions about what we introduce to our wardrobes.

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