Sojourn: the SOL journal no.2

SoL blog on early motherhood: a screenshot of alarm clock times with no sleep



Hello from the other (very hazy, very sleepy) side.

It’s been a few months since our last post – we’ve been busy! Living in the twilight zone between utter exhaustion and an indescribable kind of joy, we are pleased to introduce a baby boy as the newest addition to the SOL family.

Two months in and having regained somewhat of a new sense of normalcy, I’ve found time for some late-night reflections on what motherhood means to me.


night owl or morning lark?


On birth of a mother

  • I used to think I had heard enough stories from girlfriends and sisters that when it was my turn, I would be armed with all the knowledge to conquer the battle of what is early day motherhood. I've come to humbly acknowledge it's one of those things that's impossible to relate to - you just have to go through it on your own. 
  • Somewhere between the pain of breastfeeding, seemingly endless cycle of feeding and spitting up (did your baby just waste all your hard-produced milk?!), sleep deprivation, hormonal changes and occasional cries over spilled milk – your life has been turned upside down quicker than your pregnancy test showed a positive.
  • Half a functioning human being yourself (have I really not gotten out of the same set of PJs for the last 48 hours?), you realize you are your baby’s lifeline – and that is the wildest thing. 


On self-care

  • I don’t look like what I did 9 months ago - let alone feel like the spritely, impossible-is-nothing old me - but I’m learning to embrace the softer, more vulnerable new me.
  • Give yourself time to recover, but also understand the importance of the supportive roles friends and family can play.
  • Self-care can take many forms now; from sneaking in one hour of Netflix while the baby is sleeping to taking a longer-than-usual shower to curling your knees up on a couch and just being. 


On clothes for nursing

  • I need at least 2 sets of loungewear in rotation daily for milk spills and sweaty feeding sessions.
  • Natural fibers help regulate body temperature, during both sleep and nursing (the struggle of breastfeeding in a humid, Hong Kong summer is very real).
  • Buttons and pockets are worth their weight in gold.


On sleep

  • I no longer sleep, I nap. 
  • I was advised to "save up on sleep" during pregnancy to prepare for now but 2 months on, I confidently attest to that being fake news. 
  • 8 hour sleeps are a thing of the past (for now).
  • Yet, the adaptability of the human body is incredible.


On routine

  • Schedules and routines – even if you veer off them – do wonders for trying to find stability on this wild ride.
  • Keeps your circadian rhythm - and more importantly, your sanity - in check
  • Gives you renewed hope that after this adjustment period, life can go back to looking semi-normal 


Despite this hazy blur of a journey – and my occasional daydreams on what it would feel like to be able to sleep 8 hours again – I wouldn’t give motherhood up for anything.
I’m excited to share more about this new journey with you as well as upcoming plans for SOL. Stay tuned by following us on @sol_thelabel!
But for now, let me go attend to that cat nap.














 a fond memory just 6 weeks before birth


sleep well, be well, live well
Lois x


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