Sojourn: the SOL journal no.3

Model in Loungewear Skipping across Sand and Water


Happy 2023, everyone!

Welcome to the first Sojourn – our outlet for mindful musings – of the year. We’re so glad you’re here. 

Firstly, I want to say a big thank you to all of you who have supported us from Day 1 and continue to support us to this day. We love being a part of your lives - from hosting dinners at home in our sleep sets to swanning around hotels in the robe to late-night breastfeeding sessions in the nightdress to a quiet Sunday afternoon with a book and some cozy knitwear - thank you for sharing your story and making us a part of your journey!

When I was thinking of how to title this post, the well-known, slightly-cliched phrase of “New Year, New You!” inevitably popped into my mind. We see it everywhere - on shop windows, in email headers - promoting the latest sales and gym memberships and tools advertised to help you change out of - well, you. As the cursor quietly blinked, I took a few seconds to think about whether it was possible to continually churn out brand new versions of ourselves year after year - and is new even always better? 

The ebbs and flows of any year, let alone a pandemic one, are sure to derail us from the well-set intentions and goals we have at the beginning. All we might need sometimes is a gentle nudge to get back on track, continuing on the journey we had already started, instead of a total identity overhaul. Put your acts of self-care to the test because you deserve it. As Brene Brown aptly puts it, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” So take the pressure off a little - here's to a “New Year, Come back to the Best Version of You”. 

Here’s a quick update on what 2022 looked like for SOL.  While it continued to be a challenging one with Covid and travel restrictions, we tried to power through - working on a branding update, getting a facelift for our website, birthing our non-work baby and launching the 5th edition of our Home Rituals pop-up. 

We wrapped up the year by collaborating with our good friends at Home Rituals - Baea and At Liberty - and joining forces with our new wellness partner, The New Moon, to bring another beautiful lifestyle concept to Hong Kong. Together, we journeyed on a quest for Self-Discovery, appreciating self-care rituals through nature-inspired sustainable bedding, consciously crafted home furnishings and a collection of eco-conscious knitwear. We couldn’t be happier to reunite with our amazing friends and customers to talk and shop self-care. 

Pop Up in Home Setting with Loungewear and Bedding and Furniture

 Home Rituals at The New Moon

As we look forward to 2023, our goals for the year are modest but meaningful. From a product and planet standpoint, we will be curating smaller and kinder (on the environment) capsules and continuing to finetune our sourcing and production processes to make them as lean and green as possible. We hope to see SOL go global this year and strengthen the community of women we have built so far. Our vision remains unchanged - to transform the ritual of rest, one homewear set at a time. 

We appreciate you being our biggest advocates and ambassadors and look forward to seeing you in-shop or online soon! 

Happy New Year with love from all of us at SOL. 

rest well, be well, live well

Lois x

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